Saturday, February 16, 2013

Speaking of Wrong Places...

One the Champions Tour today there was a wrong place penalty assessed to Bob Tway.  He was preparing for a chip shot with an awkward stance just outside a bunker, he grounded the club behind the ball and TV replay showed that the ball moved.  He did not replace the ball as required by Rule 18-2b and therefore instead of a one-stroke penalty for moving his ball at rest after address, he incurred a two-stroke penalty for a breach of Rule 18-2b.

The analysis and interview with the Champions Tour official showed that the main question was whether Tway had in fact soled his club behind the ball and therefore addressed it.  TV review indicated that he had.  Because there was no evidence that anything other than the player caused the ball to move, the new Exception to 18-2b did not apply.  They took their time and involved several officials in addition to the TV replay and the commentary was spot on.  They wanted to be sure he had addressed the ball, and once that was determined they were certain of the ruling.  Nice job, but another unfortunate turn of events for Mr. Tway whose bogey became a triple.

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