Sunday, March 10, 2013

Live from Seattle: Rules School Wrap-Up

            Well, another year’s Rules School is over and done.  The Road to 100 has ended for 2013, a measly 2 questions shy of the perfect score.  I can’t reveal the two questions I missed (except that they were numbers 40 and 74) until after the USGA is done giving tests for the year, but I can tell you they were simple mistakes – brain farts if you will.  All in all, I feel good leaving Rules School this year, with a new appreciation for the principles behind the Rules, and the growth of my own knowledge. 
            I need to make several thanks on this trip.  First and foremost to the instructors and coordinator of the seminar:
  •  John Van der Borght from the USGA.  He is very much a big part of how I got into this side of the industry and taught me a lot before he left the NCGA for the USGA.  His instruction and knowledge has grown even more while he’s been at the USGA and that is apparent (that’s saying something about someone I witnessed take the entire test closed book and score 100).  Thanks, I know we’ll be talking just as soon as we start second guessing ourselves.
  •  David Price from the PGA.  David is an extremely experienced instructor and just resigned as Chair of the PGA Rules Committee.  He sits on the Joint Rules Committee that we’ve been hearing so much about.  His stories from past championships have made both workshops I’ve attended that much more interesting.  Thank you, I hope we’ll cross paths again soon.
  •  Chuck West from the PGA.  I haven’t had him as an instructor but he was fine coordinator and fun to talk to.  Thanks Chuck.
  • Southwest Airlines.  Thanks for not charging me for checking my golf clubs as oversized baggage.  That saved me $150.  Every bit helps and I managed to get in 18 at 2015 US Open site Chambers Bay because of it.

For all 3 or so of you (I hope there were more) that followed along, there were some important, albeit well-known lessons.  Know the definitions.  I wouldn’t have done nearly as well if I was struggling with the definitions.  Always remember, “What does the Rule say?”  I wrote that on my answer sheet prior to starting as a reminder to remember what the Rule says.  I forgot twice, but remembered 98 other times.
            Since there isn’t much pertinent Rules information to report, I’ll end this and keep it brief.  Catch everyone next time around and don’t forget to vote on the bifrucation survey on the right hand side of the blog!

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