Thursday, April 18, 2013

Decision of the Day - 34-1b/6

Without throwing anyone under the bus, this Decision is important to remember for any Committee that happens to make a mistake affecting the result of the competition.  The kind of Committee error made in this instance, must be corrected and may involve some very difficult phone calls.

Decision 34-1b/6 - Winner's Score Not Posted Due to Committee Error

Q. In a stroke-play event, the winner's prize was awarded to B.  The next day A advises the Committee that he had reutrned a lower score than B.  A check reveals that A is correct and that, in error, the Committee had failed to post A's score.  What should be done?

A.  Rule 34-1b does not apply to Committee errors of this kind.  The prize should be retrieved from B and given to A, the rightful winner.

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I've also recently added a new Page titled Exceptions and Notes.  This page highlights the Exceptions and Notes found throughout the Rules of Golf and puts them into categories.  If you're studying for a Rules exam or just trying to get a better grasp of the Rules of Golf, this is a great place to find good information.

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