Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Decision of the Day - 6-6d/5

I know we're moving on and bathing in Adam Scott's incredible victory, but I was flipping through and for obvious reasons feel the need to post a Decision of the Day:

6-6d/5 - Spectators Allege Competitor's Score Incorrect

"Q. All strokes played by A at the 18th hole were observed by spectators, but when the card was returned the recorded score for that hole was lower than that which the spectators alleged had been taken.  What should the Committee do?

A. If any doubt arises as to the correctness of a card, the Committee should consult with the competitor and marker and also take into account the testimony of other witnesses.
   If the evidence indicates that the recorded score for the 18th hole was lower than actually taken, the Committee should disqualify A (Rule 6-6d).  Otherwise, no penalty should be applied." (Emphasis added)

And that's my final word on that subject...

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