Thursday, April 18, 2013

Remember Brian Davis?

First, I want to give the appropriate credit to PGATOUR.Com for the nice video they did highlighting this Rules event. 

But also, as we see Brian Davis yet again atop the leaderboard at Harbour Town, we have to remember one of the more honorable moments in golf history. 

Facing Jim Furyk in a sudden-death playoff for what would be his first PGA Tour victory at the 2010 RBC Heritage, Davis found the water hazard left of the putting green.  The Official, Slugger White (VP of Rules and Competitions for the PGA Tour), reminded Davis to be wary of the reeds.  After making the stroke, Davis noted that he may have moved one of the reeds and had Slugger confirm that via the TV footage.  He had touched the reed during his backswing.  One thing we don't see is that immediately following that, they had to determine whether or not the reed was in fact loose, or if it were still attached and growing.  Because the reed was loose, Davis incurred a two-stroke penalty.

The penalty incurred is under Rule 13-4c.  A player must not touch or move a loose impediment lying in or touching the hazard when his ball lies in the same hazard.  It was important to determine whether the reed was loose or whether it was still attached, because the Note to Rule 13-4 permits the player to touch any grass, bush, tree or other growing thing in a hazard.  If it were still attached it would be considered growing, and he would not have been subject to penalty.  However, because the reed was loose, it was by definition a loose impediment and Rule 13-4c applied.

Let's hope that if Davis can keep his momentum through the weekend that he manages to steer clear of that fateful hazard and doesn't have to worry about any stray reeds this year.  He is still looking for that elusive first PGA Tour victory despite 5 runner-up finishes.

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