Sunday, April 21, 2013

Wind at Harbour Town!

  On the sixth putting green, we witnessed the new Exception to Rule 18-2b in action.  We may remember that Webb Simpson was previously penalized under this Rule before the new Exception was in place.  This time, however, the Rules change absolved Simpson from penalty.
    Simpson had replaced the ball and briefly addressed it.  Before stepping into the putt, he saw the ball start to move and then roll a few feet from its original position.  The Exception to Rule 18-2b absolved Simpson from penalty because it was known that he did not move the ball, but the wind had.  He was required to play the ball from where it came to rest and he did.  We may see more of this Rule as the day progresses, and other players may or may not be so clearly absolved.  It must be known or virtually certain that the player did not cause the ball to move in order to apply the Exception.  Gravity in and of itself would not be a significant reason to apply the Exception.
   For more clarification on the Exception to Rule 18-2b see Decision 18-2b/11.

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