Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tiger's Drop...Oh By the Way

    I don't know who noticed, but early in today's final round of the Open Championship Tiger took relief.  The R & A, believe it or not, implemented the "two-and-two" local Rule for immovable obstructions by the putting green.  Players were entitled to relief if an obstruction within two club-lengths of the putting green and within two club-lengths of their ball intervened on their line of play.  This was the case for Tiger and he was entitled to drop the ball through the green at his nearest point of relief.
   If you were watching carefully, you would have counted THREE drops.  Uh oh you might say.  But first, he was operating under the instruction of the walking referee.  So why did he drop the ball three times?  Even golfers inexperienced int he Rules have heard that you drop the ball, re-drop the ball and then place it.  A third drop needs an explanation.  Well here it is:
   Tiger's first drop rolled closer to the hole.  He was required to re-drop under Rule 20-2c.  The referee determined that Tiger's re-drop actually struck the course closer to the hole than his nearest point of relief.  This was an improper drop and Tiger was required to correct the error under Rule 20-6 by dropping in the correct spot.  He did so and that third drop also rolled closer to the hole than his nearest point of relief so he then placed the ball at the spot where it first struck the course.
    So yes, once again Tiger had a relief situation that didn't look quite right...but it was...


  1. I believe the specimen local Rule states that the player must drop at the nearest point of relief, not within one club length of it.

    1. Correct...It was late and I went into auto-pilot mode. Good catch, thanks!