Sunday, August 25, 2013

Gary Woodland at the Barclay's

            On the 6th hole after his tee shot, Gary Woodland’s ball came to rest in a thick and nasty lie.  When he arrived at the ball there was some doubt as to whether a marshal had stepped on the ball, worsening the lie and changing the position of the ball.
            The applicable Rule is 18-1, a ball at rest moved by an outside agency.  It was determined that they were virtually certain that the ball had been moved by an outside agency, and so Woodland was required to replace it without penalty.  Now we bring another Rule into play.  Because the exact original spot (and the original lie for that matter,) was not known, Rule 20-3c applied and Woodland had to drop the ball to get it back in play rather than replace it.  If the original spot was known and the lie had not been altered he would have been required to replace the ball on that spot.


  1. I wonder if the marshal in question got chewed out for that one. Even when placing flags, we're supposed to leave them a foot or two away from the ball; not touching it in the least.....

    1. It was moved in the process of trying to find it. No fault of the marshal.