Sunday, August 18, 2013

Solheim Cup Incorrect Ruling

  There has been quite a bit of coverage on this incorrect ruling so I'll make my own article brief.  First, however, let me state that you have not been a Rules Official very long if you haven't made a wrong ruling.  That said, this ruling was not a complicated one and combined with the fact that it took an absolutely unacceptable amount of time, it's pretty poor.  Even the least experienced of qualified officials should not have made this mistake.  I ask, did he use the radio?

   Europe's Ciganda had hit her ball into the lateral water hazard on the 15th hole.  The nature of the hazard made it feasible for her to use her option under Rule 26-1c to drop within two club-lengths of the point on the opposite margin that was equidistant to the hole from the original point where her ball last crossed the margin of the hazard.
   The official, however, permitted Ciganda to drop keeping the equidistant point in line with where the ball was dropped and the flagstick, with no limit as to how far back the ball could be dropped.  Ciganda dropped nearly 40 yards back on that line, and therefore nearly 40 yards from where her ball should have been dropped. The problem is that option under Rule 26-1b is only available with reference to the original point where the ball last crossed the margin and may not be used with reference to the equidistant point.  I don't know what took so long, I don't know why this awkward combination of correct options was used, but I do know that they got it wrong. Ouch.

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