Saturday, December 21, 2013

Fun Moment During the Franklin-Templeton Shootout

                This classic Dufner moment during the Franklin-Templeton Shootout last week was caught on video and was worth an extra look.  Notably, Peter Jacobsen announcing needs just a slight Rules lesson so we can inform all the viewers next time.
                Jacobsen announced the mishap as Dufner’s birdie attempt, but really what happened was Dufner moved his ball in addressing it. His “birdie try” was actually a one-stroke penalty under Rule 18-2a.  Had Dufner decided to finish the hole he was required to replace the ball or else he would have incurred two total penalty strokes for playing from a wrong place in breach of Rule 18-2a.  Since the accident occurred in four-ball play, rather than go through the process of replacing the ball and finishing the hole, Dufner’s partner, Dustin Johnson, finished the hole for the side.

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