Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Double Setup: One Plan, Two Opens

Karen Stupples Notes Comparing Round 1 Hole Lcations

            Just how similar is the course the women are playing to the men’s U.S. Open?  Well, if you go by the hole locations alone, they are playing basically the exact same U.S. Open.  The comparison was clear after Karen Stupples tweeted her notes of how similar the round 1 holes for the women were to the men’s hole locations.  But as you can see throughout rounds 2 and 3, there are very few hole locations that are more than 2 paces different, and all  are in the exact same quadrant.  This was clearly the USGA plan to give the exact same amount of healing time to the areas of the greens between rounds.
Round 1 Women Hole Locations
Round 1 Men Hole Locations

 And then Round 2:

And of course Round 3:

And for all the ladies in the Open, if I were a gambling man, I'd start making a game plan for hole locations pretty similar to these tomorrow:

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